Joy Reid Pins Elon Musk as Racist


You shouldn't really take her that seriously, but I'm going to take what she says seriously here for a very important reason because the sentiment is now how they're going to smear your Elon Musk. So Elon Musk goes and buys billions of dollars of shares worth of Twitter, and then of course everyone has to go attack him automatically because that's what they do. Oh no, you're going to go buy shares of Twitter. I must hate you. Really? I thought you guys were all into kind of like the go to Mars like green energy stuff. Now, according to joy Reid, he's racist. Play cut 59. If you're not right wingers, another bro fascist is waiting in the wings to defend your right to spew by online in the name of free speech. And that is coming up next. He is building in Tesla, documented racist company that perhaps reminds him, gives him nostalgic memories of apartheid South Africa where he grew up. He's more than that and embodiment of what I would say is Twitter's biggest strategic problem, which is a hostile, cruel, dangerous online environment, especially for women, especially for people of color, women of color in particular. It's

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