Rudy Giuliani: Our Security Programs Worked in Colombia


Our greatest successes were in Colombia because in Columbia, South Carolina. Sorry, South Carolina. Columbia South America. You're talking about bringing this to places that are famous for their culture. To the cartel center of America, which is no longer the cartel center of America. But I knew Columbia well, from my work as a prosecutor, because I did a lot of prosecutions of Colombian drug dealers. I have the great I have the great distinction of having two contracts put out on me by the farc to slip my throat. Which means I was getting I knew I was getting somewhere when that happened. And I knew Columbia so that that helped also. And they were willing to make their police department honest. That's the biggest thing. That's amazing. If I do a comp staff program and the police promise crooked, it doesn't work very well. So we got some great reductions there. We did a lot of work. I did work in Ukraine. You know the city, they talk about car cave. The one right on the border, but we did the crime management program for them. And we designed emergency management center for them. And I knew they would hold out. But you're telling me that people around the world were willing to use this to bring crime down and that American mayors have not used this. Except for friends who I have advised off the cuff. No one has ever really taken us in to really do our program. I know it would work. I know if you gave me and three or four people like Bernie Carrick. If you gave me 6 months in Chicago, I could cut the murder rate, I hate to predict. I always predict lower. 20, 30%.

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