Dinesh Responds to the Critics and 'Fact Checkers' of '2000 Mules'


One of the most indefatigable critics of 2000 meals is The Washington Post national correspondent. This is a guy named Philip bump. This guy is literally in the last few months written about 7 articles. Focusing on the issue of lord harvesting, ballot trafficking. And he's trying his very best. I mean, he's applying. You can see the tremendous energy to try to debunk. The movie. Now, to his credit, I invited Philip bump to a public debate and he's like, well, I don't know about a debate, but maybe we can do an exchange in The Washington Post. I got to talk to my editors, and I said, okay, why don't you do that? And he's come back to me and said his editors have approved us doing that kind of exchange. So that's really cool. I'm really happy that there's going to be at least some engagement on this issue. I think we're trying to set that up to occur early next week. But I want to talk a little bit about Philip bumps article. I won't be able to go into it fully now, I'm just going to talk about the opening of the article and I'll address other points, of course, as we get down the road. But in this very long article, he begins by saying, I'm going to go into a particular incident that he says kind of is representative of the movie and I'm going to debunk this incident and in debunking it. I'm sort of debunking the whole strategy of the movie. Interestingly, the incident he picks is not directly related to elections at all. It was a way of validating the geo tracking data in the movie. Greg Phillips and Catherine engelbrecht were having trouble getting the Georgia authorities to take to look at this geo tracking data because it's never been applied before to this area. And so they said, okay, well let's solve a murder. Let's try to help solve a prominent murder and they actually chose to murder. We only feature one in the film. I'll feature a bolt in a book that I'm writing that goes with the film. But Catherine and Greg basically said, let's take a murder and let's see if our geo tracking evidence can help to solve it. And of course, we feature this in the movie, it's a siria Turner murder young black girl shot in a vehicle during a BLM riot that occurred in Atlanta and right about the time the summer of 2020. Now, according to Philip bump, the facts of the story are misrepresented in the movie because according to him, although the movie talks about two suspects having been arrested, subsequently, he goes one of the suspects was arrested right

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