The Federalist: Corporate Media Celebrates Rise of Transgenders Craze


There's a piece in the federalist Which seems to have gone all George McGovern when it comes to foreign policy I can't control it you know it's the way it is Corporate media celebrates the exponential rise of transgender craze that helped create the very good article by Casey chalk Which came out today Now here's the thing I discussed this at some level The other night And what I said is the media are not just the mouthpieces Of the American Marxist movements The media are part of it The media are immersed in it Most of these people graduated from the same schools as the politicians that they like In other words the same indoctrination not the same exact schools and talking about the same Ideological type of education So some of them went into media some of them went into politics some of them went into the bureaucracy Some of them went into teaching and on and on and on And so there's a very good piece because what Casey points out is that all of a sudden we have this huge rise In people who identify as transgender according to a Gallup poll released earlier this year The percentage of American adults self identifying as something other than heterosexual has increased to 7.1% Double the percentage from 2012 when Gallup first measured their statistics Almost 21% of Generation Z young adults born between 1997 and 2003 Identify as LGBT

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