Chris Kohls and Sebastian Discuss Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' Bill


He's an actor and now he is a YouTube phenomenon. He is the man behind the mister Reagan channel, good friend of this show, Chris Cole's wiggle back to America first. Good to see you, sir. Nice to be on. So I'm just going to read the words back to you. Our associates are having their creativity opened up by banning certain words. What do you have to say as a creator is a thespian? I'll tell you what the First Amendment is sacrosanct. And we've got this kind of a bizarre situation going on right now where you've heard this term that don't say gay. Yes. Right? You've heard of this term. Don't say gay. So the left is sitting there screaming and yelling about the censorship of a word that, you know, they think that they should be able to say, despite the fact that nobody's banning the word gay, that's the really weird thing about that one, right? No, they got the law in the concerning that in Florida is about saying you can not talk about gender or gender transposition and any radicals, sex therapy with 6 year olds, Chris. That's what the bill is about. Absolutely right. I think it's from age kindergarten to third grade, which is about 7 or 8, 8, 9, yeah, okay. And I don't know anybody who given those, given the accurate description of the bill, would think that is a bad idea. But they've got this BS campaign saying that we're telling teachers we're telling people that are not allowed to say the word

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