The Most Important, Confusing Question: What Is a Woman?


Leads to a question I want us all to ponder over tonight and think deeply about. And I love all of your opinions, which is the most important question that has really been confusing people, including the top levels of our government, which is what is a woman, right? And so I know this is so hard for some of us to grasp. I know I'm not a biologist, so I'm not really well versed to be able to answer these questions. Of course, for those of you that watch the Oscars and not funny enough, we'll get into that. So but don't watch anything that happens around you. Tangy Brown Jackson, woman that wants to, I think she's a woman. Who am I to say? I don't know. She will tell us. Because she doesn't know what a woman is. Trying to be on the U.S. Supreme Court was asked the question by Marshall Blackburn, very simple question, what can you define what a woman is? And she responded with this kind of smug arrogance. No, I can't. I'm not a biologist. So look, I'm not a veterinarian. I know a dog when I see one. I'm not a meteorologist. I know that there's a tornado yesterday at four 30 in the morning. Not exactly something that you need to have a degree in biology to be able to understand what a woman is. And it kind of got thinking as she was like so smug and she responded, which is, this has now become a wildly controversial thing in America. It's that if you're not even able to say, you know, this is a woman and this is a man. And what's so amazing about this is that 95 to 97% of the country agrees and biological reality and yet 95 to 97% of the country is afraid to talk about this issue.

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