The Government Is Moving Forward With Its 'Disinformation Board'


News today that our government is moving forward with its so called disinformation board, the name itself, of course, is kind of a public relations disaster, disinformation, board government, disinformation board. Come on, guys. I mean, you couldn't do better than that. You know, I find it alarming. I find it alarming as an independent journalist who, by the way, spent the last 20 years working for some of the biggest news organizations in the world from Bloomberg to CNBC to Fox business, I have won many awards for my in depth and investigative reporting and while I've certainly always been aware of the bias out there in mainstream media outlets, I've still always believed and thought that as an American, I am entitled to my opinion. And I'm entitled to share my opinion with you on every single street corner anywhere in this country. And within The New York Times wants to publish it, that's something different after all The New York Times is a publisher. A publisher, a private company, but Twitter, some of these other big tech platforms. I mean, if they wanted to act like publishers, then hey, go for it. They should be subject to all the exact same rules as me. As a publisher, should they not? But one of the reasons people are so concerned about all this right now about Twitter or Facebook or YouTube or any of these platforms is because these venues have effectively become the de facto street corners all around America, the town squares, if you would, and yet they adhere to no publishing roles. And yet, and yet they actually publishers, right? Deciding what you can see what you can't see. Well, now it's going to get worse. Because not only are they deciding this, you're also going to have the government in there, telling them what they can publish and what they can't. I mean, come

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