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A an older probably black new from and a quarter says he heard the plane had engine trouble that's course run a Chuck secrets in the FAA says the plane was headed to Republic airport in east Farmingdale out on Long Island no word yet from authorities on the names of those who perished wins you sign five thirty one from the ram truck traffic center good morning to our and good morning to you Brian we got a really good news on the VQ we we had a very serious crash on the westbound side right over there because he's got a bridge that has been cleared and all the lanes have been re open and the backup also cleared away so you are good to go but we still have working right now and that is the problem on the Jackie Robinson parkway it's a westbound just after Cypress Hill Street at the collision takes out a lane and that means only one lane gets by so it is stop and go through this area they'll take it over to the new northbound side of the New York State Thruway where we give a crash in the encore is just after top the whole road looks like a lane is down over here as well here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels in great shape right now the George Washington bridge linking Holland tunnel look good bottles bridge Outerbridge crossing no major slowdowns are delays to tell you about and here's what we see on long island's big three nice ride on the L. E. no slowdowns are delays on the northern state and the southern state also looks to be in really decent shape traffic and transit every ten minutes on the ones in breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen I'm so I learned ten ten with the official Denton when Jack the forty four casket morning meteorologist Brian Thompson thank you Brian we do have some low clouds and fog around right.

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