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Voice twenty minutes to hit us back new over hip hop real ninety two three big boy's neighborhood all right now world cup of course it is going down around her right here also and we were hurt in the neighborhood especially luigi yeah that that loss for mexico but mexico's dealing in south korea means for mexico and south korea the thing oh yeah celebrations that we're going down like the people like just celebrating south korea was hilarious i don't know what we don't know exactly what happened i mean you know sometimes you know score sometimes you don't good morning you didn't okay well it's new then john louis wore the wrong jersey and you dan prado sound like badly terms the cooler is exactly like the coolers right there man but hate us up who's the bad luck charm especially during like the world cup world cup but somebody like louis been weird right jersey i say they didn't pray whatever may be going on during the world cup with someone is that bad luck charm or somebody broke a superstition or just a bad luck charm anyway you sitting down in vegas somebody's sitting next to you man i love playing slots i don't want veronica around me oh really on different is just different hooves the bad luck charm especially during the world cup big boys shelby they won't be expected.

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