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Pm to five. So we're only open five hours a day seven days a week so We were very low on ours in very low on on staff and we. That's just just to macomb. We'll just have to push people towards other options to go Carry out Curbside online ordering we pushed our. We're we're on like all delivery platforms We pushed everyone to ordering on those platforms just to generate some revenue and just to make sure we had Jobs for employees. Wow that must've been quite a crazy. Time must been relieved burning the midnight oil making those decisions. I can only imagine so simultaneously. You are trying to figure out higher going to open up your second. Rotation how how that process go and how. Kobe impact construction hiring training. How did that. How did work out. So it changed a bunch. It changed much. We had to make Certain adjustments but some of it actually kind of helped in the long run so at that point since we understood that the clientele the the there was changed coming for the way people were processing things away. They wanted things. They wanted more curbside. They wanted more to go. They wanted more You know like drive through so we we. We went through the process in. We found a location that we could drive through We actually made our our lobby a lot. Smaller may be half the size of what we have in our in our first location To cater to two more to go orders were just understanding. That people probably aren't going to want to sit inside of a restaurant as much anymore and we are fast casual restaurants so people do come in and out But we could have a high volume of people just You know sitting down and getting up going sitting down getting up going and end it just since we have less seating area it kind of made a big difference so we're able to get a smaller location. Which is you know. Less impact on rent And so it. Kind of transition that way in in regards to hiring We didn't make too much too many changes in regards to hiring because now at the point where we're at We do see people are open to coming back to working. We did have a little bit of an issue during the high peak time of with our first location but actually What we did in at that point is we. Didn't we stopped hiring because we had so many of our employees at decided they wanted to stay home and we give them as much time off as they needed. Let them know if you wanna come back in a few months whenever you whenever. You're ready to come back to work. There's work for you and for the people that were willing and wanted to work..

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