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A beautiful black. The runners include three fullbacks modern era fan favorite. John turns it again touchdown famous Clarke Hinkle and the late Jim Taylor. Jimmy taylor. Halfbacks may the roster to from Lambeau who made it to canton and Tony candidate when Johnny blood McNally a record setting halfback. The all time leading rusher in Packers history. Seven pass catchers made the list too tight end March Mara and Paul Kaufman. One was five wide receivers, y'all timeline. Packers receiver. Antonio Freeman receiver her we wrote the pass catching record book. Two more men made it to cancel James often. I'm the guy who essentially invented the modern wide receiver position, Don Hudson. Finally three guys chosen to throw the football. One is the highest rated regular season passer in NFL history. The highest rated postseason passer NFL history. Third is the leading vote-getter quarterback Brett Farr coming off the field. He is so happy who's who among the greatest to ever play the positions in football history. All chosen by you to be part of the greatest full roster in the one hundred years of Packers football doesn't get any better. Jay, sorta WTMJ sports check out.

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