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I maybe i'm a bad actor but like i don't i don't sort of check them with my shoulder going pass them but he i mean but it makes total sense i mean this guy is you know the stakes used to be that he would be stuck in nine hundred fifty five right that's yeah but then once once he starts seeing his brother and sister disappear he's his life his life is threatened yeah and so that whole formulaic script those hole light you know the the the the math of great script no you have to have the same goal but the stakes of that goal yeah have to keep rising and the strategy for which you achieve that goal has to change according to the skills that you've learned along the way right and the only way you're going to completely achieve the goal is if you can finally do at the end what you were scared of at the beginning that's like right he bleed joseph cambell shit well yeah in the beginning the pinheads fail right in he succeeds as a musician right if he didn't know how to play guitar 'cause it's just so perfectly set up totally marvin hurting his hand so marty has to literally save himself and his life by getting his parents to kiss right and even when even there you think are at great he's playing guitar they're gonna kiss zametica's throws that dickhead in there who breaks in and says this is my dancer whatever yeah i cut in right just another little level of alma god will you please like.

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