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Fifty dollars you could. Skip that with network capital underwriting. Fee that was three hundred seven fifty again so another fee that's wasteful they occur your fees admin fees other miscellaneous charges that add. Up over one hundred plus dollars a lock and fee and application fee nowadays are, average in two to five hundred bucks again another fee don't have to pay. When you really dial this number eight hundred. Seven hundred eight zero six eight now the. One I dislike the most, most of our listeners, dislike is originate What is the point of this back in. The day it, was straight commission to the guy that. Was doing the loan. For you the. Feeling is charging an, interest rate, shouldn't that, be enough that's the way I feel at, the end of the day I'm not paying an interest rate plus? Admin, fees plus all these nickel, and dime fees fees on fees on fees it's. Doesn't sound like something, I want you guys messing around with so for customers who don't like unnecessary fees contact our boys and our. Capital their numbers eight hundred seven hundred eight zero six eight the beauty to this company is that they don't charge processing underwriting origination Adleman rate lock and cetera. I believe, in their business. Model it's exactly what the homeowner in two thousand eighteen is looking for try them. Out of the number of about the provide to. You because they're fast, they're absolutely easy. To work with they help. Homeowners from credit scores, five hundred, and higher so it used to be if you were under six hundred year out the ballgame the market just moved the guidelines just change that's one. Of, the perks that this rising rate environment so make contact give you this number, twice have your phones ready register. And, locked the tenure fix if that's too aggressive look at fifteen look at Twenty look at twenty five star. Shorter and move back if you have to don't go straight to the thirty year, fixed that was. All thanking you a lot of, times that's not your best deal it's kind of I think it's..

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