United States, Nipson Yatta, Mike discussed on Dude Soup - 'It's like Netflix with Games!' - Dude Soup Podcast #125


I you can plenty for safe now who'll do man yeah the uh for the us by un not so great for those who are only listening ear were watching a oh god yeah yeah this was only this is like a turner network thing yes yes but you guys want is that thing that was the streaming the games to your system so that you didn't install game the cloud will know the cold i reviewed the thing on live on less and guy chi and that's a good now live is what you a guy could became placed ish that's what you wanted which was to stream those get the playstation nutjob exactly um and even that kind of sucked so it was his it's just not there yet if it's just the like which is weird because i feel like internet speeds now of the caught a pretty well still though still it's not about band with it's about latency unfortunate that what will lam you need more band with to lower latency so it uh and this may make the pipes bigger uh it's more i think it'd be more about more about just the nipson yatta race eggs the sure about the construction of the internet generally show have been illegal applied away yeah it's like not good that right now as were watching captain and the game master the wily yes it is yeah is what today with that weird mother brand their brain plant wizard looks like mucus yeah yeah well i'm just there so there's a plot line in this episode where they're trying to make the gameboy evil uh is i'm pretty sure they have to add a character gang way at some point override because they sold the gameboy yeah of course man it's this whole thing was confusing it it was a bunch of people who had never mike played an intend to go.

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