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Found you know there's a lot of other things that can make you successful and successful kinda just kind of an opinion anyway so what what what does it really take to be successful so kind of you know i had a great career nine years in a in an nfl but you know i feel out of the financial struggles that you know everyone kind of goes through at times isn't your career your nfl career sometimes doesn't always you know end up the exact way that you think is going to happen but you know i think the smarter yard with with your money during a career that's the important part and hopefully that's what we can do moving forward so congratulations for those of you who may not understand the nfl national football league or gridiron our footballer you know one of the americans call it to quarterback think every kid's dream you know except that i was a little fat guys was on the line of attack and the quarterbacks usually tall on good look in the landman or fat and ugly so i the same as in rugby i'm always on the front line as imprompt and i'm i'm staring us in the ugliest guys on earth but you have to love the game so today guys robert kissi can enrich day radio show we're talking about the champions rod smith from the denver broncos ryan boils from from the detroit lions and chris weltman with falcons and baltimore ravens so what we're talking about is what happens when you're a young person young man in this case and they saying that most athletes they go bust even though having millions of dollars so let's talk with rod what was it like to be a young man coming from a poor background and suddenly a millionaire where you know one thing was unique for me is because i didn't get drafted.

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