Natalie Winters Intrigued by Victoria Nuland's 'Research Materials'


I thought this is just incredible And Victoria Nuland she said something during the conversation she was having with Rubio up on the hill She talked about research materials they were concerned about What do you think she meant by that Was she talking about pathogens or was she potentially talking about something worse Well you know I don't think we know the answer to that yet but I think it really is amazing that you have someone like Victoria newland who I would say is probably a contender for the moniker of Queen of the swamp maybe Hillary Clinton might beat her But to see someone like that standing up there admitting that the United States government was indeed funding and working with these labs I think that's saying the quiet part out loud but I think this again relates to Wuhan in the sense that as these are labs that receive taxpayer funds right And the fact that we can't answer that question the fact that we don't necessarily know what exactly the Russian government could potentially be gaining access to or even nefarious actors within Ukraine the types of pathogens that they were working on might I add with the windows open as a lot of these reports were documenting the improper safety protocols that they were carrying out is just a perfect example again of these sort of I think just misguided international scientific collaborations specifically in Wuhan specifically in Ukraine I mean I don't know why we're building biological weapons research facilities so close to proximal to a country specifically Russia when we know there's a history of conflicts between Ukraine and Russia that's like building nuclear reactors on a fault line You're just asking for it for

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