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But the lions went ahead. Late lions were ahead by a point sixteen to fifteen. Ravens are driving and they stall you stall and you go out there and you line up for a sixty one yard field goal, which not that this is the greatest thing ever, but there's never been a sixty one yard or longer field goal ever kicked in a dome stadium. But here you were Monday night football going out for that kick. Once you to tell me what you remember about that kick. What I remember about it is that I don't feel like I got all of it. I kind of I kind of came off my toe a little bit, and as soon as left my foot, I'm pretty sure Sam Cooke had the exact same feeling that I did, which was, oh, man left us when just little short and sure enough thing, kind of, you know, wild around a little bit and then snuck in through that, you know, right side of the uprights, but. I, if anything, you know that I could if I could point to any singular feeling that I had as soon as the ball cross cross across bar was relief because moments prior to kick, I just basically run out onto the field and it was being, you know, more or less call the back by the entire coaching staff, like what's he doing out there and. If I'm running out there like better make the kick. You mean you you, you went out there prematurely and you thought that they might want to run another play instead of trying to sixty one yard, like maybe a little bit of I. Yeah, I was you know, I was a, you know, kind of run out there. I turned a hard. I say, I got this and he's like, all right. Well, we're kicking it and then you know, I realize, okay, you know, this isn't fifty eight fifty nine. This is sixty one. I'm gonna really have to get hold of this ball and especially since I just told hard, I got this. Well, I better got this. So fortunately we were able to put that went through the uprights and then Mattiol and put the game away with the game sealing interception on the next drive. So I I would definitely say that's, that's one of the, you know, one of my favorite kicks at that I've been a part of and you get all of relief. Man just relief relief that it crossed crossed on the on the pro side of the upright. Harb's obviously being a Baltimore head coach, John Harbaugh who's been there since you've been there long before actually. But something happened after that game that I'd heard about I was I didn't cover that game, but I had heard about it that you are sort of reminded of your mortality after the game by by Ray Lewis. Tell tell everybody the story about what happened in the locker room after that game. I'm thinking here. Oh, okay. I think I know what you're talking about. You know what I'm talking about. So it was, it was says, yeah, it was says says, oh, you may Terrell suggs. Yep, made sure to remind me up there on the podium doing the post game, press conference, answering a few questions, and I, I hear the door kinda, you know, kinda come open and says poker ahead in, I don't even know if he came into the room. I think just heard him yell, hey, talk, don't let it get to your head. You're still just a kicker in what do you. What do you bring into the blank there. But he said, hey, listen, I just saved your bacon making. I scored every point that our team scored today buddy and I kicked a sixty one yard or win it. Maybe I'm a little bit more than just a bleep in kicker. His attempt that humbling me didn't really work. If you ask Machi mates. I'm to deal with sometimes, but, hey, man, that's, you know, when you make kicks, he can. You know, you have a little fun, and then you know, when you miss when you got to, you know, maintain that same level of competence and stuff to do. But Yep, suggs definitely gave me a a, not so friendly reminder. But you know, we, we know says, well, and we know at the end of day, it's coming from the very good place. It's coming from a place of love..

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