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Girard Point Bridge Platt Bridge, Philadelphia, Girard Avenue Schuylkill Expressway discussed on 24 hour News


The city so wittman will save you some time now you can also say some time and energy by going to picocomsmart ideas better news now ninety five south and bucks county we cleared a crash before route one still some heavy volume cutting over this gutter falls bridge to the approach of exit forty nine after that stole latah volume coming into the city on 95 from common avenue all the way down to the approach of broad street in your heavy approaching the blue route northbound ninety five jammed over the girard point bridge platt bridge extra slow going in the philadelphia and seoul tied up right around pens land the girard avenue schuylkill expressway biggest delays eastbound fifty one minute travel time from the blue route to the vine westbound only 23 minutes leaving the city from the vine out to the blue route on the blue route southbound just really heavy tonight at least a forty minute trip southbound from the schuylkill down a ninety five northbound four seventy six still jammed from ridge pie to the midcounty tolls eastbound pennsylvania turnpike jammed up from the approach of or just after valley forge all the way to the fort washington interchange and west gauchan 202 southbound you're jammed from route thirty down to boot road where there's a crash blocking the left lane also in bethel towns of delaware county new crash name it's creek road blocked at garnett mine road use my name is road in delaware at to get around that closure boulevard at southampton we have a crash heavy volume at both directions there any jersey james southbound new jersey turnpike crash at exit three blocking the left lane 295 south generally slow from thirty to forty two in debt for we have an accident jamie things up on delta drive it 55 so the they'll drive offering for 55 is blocked because of that crash mass transit though does look good i'm justin drabick in the trumark financial credit union 24 hour traffic center you don't have to be an expert with a peco energy assessment they'll visitor home help you save learn morebikocomassessment pico the future is on we are an extra fridge in our garage.

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Girard Point Bridge Platt Bridge, Philadelphia, Girard Avenue Schuylkill Expressway discussed on 24 hour News

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