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By the kitchen store the baltimore orioles have honored the five people who were shot and killed at capital gazette in an apple with a moment of silence at camden yards we are devastated by this tragic loss of life as we extend our heartfelt support to the many family members colleagues and friends who are grieving this unimaginable loss a copy of friday's capital gazette in five white lillies were placed in the press box area reserved for the newspaper last night a cal poly pomona employee has been stabbed and killed on campus la county sheriff's lieutenant john corinna says the suspect was also an employee and had fled the scene of the stabbing was located by some other witnesses and saw him up there was acting strange so they call that in as well when they did also throw pomona police department in from cal poly pomona went up there contacted this individual and that's when the offer ball shooting occurred the suspect was shot and killed family members of anthony avalos has demanded records about what social workers did after abuse claims lawyer brian clay pool says more than a dozen people reported child abuse in the last five years if we do not get the transparency that this community deserves then we will be left with no other recourse then to pursue a civil rights lawsuit anthony died last week after a severe head injury some relatives had tried for years to raise him in their homes the coastguard in long beach says this holiday weekend brings out the most boaters so they're sending out more patrols public affairs petty officer mark bernie says alcohol is the leading contributor of accidental boating deaths you get thrown overboard couple of things could happen you can disappear under the water you could get injured severely by moving propellers you could drown barney says about seventy five percents of the over six hundred fifty people in the country who died in boating and paddling accidents last year drowned traffic from your helpful socal honda traffic center we've got a crash in wilmington on the one tenth.

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