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Here. Please play responsibly. 7 38s traffic and weather on the 8s, Mary de papa's in the traffic center. All righty, Nick and we're gonna start out riding the capitol beltway if you're traveling on the outer loop in prince George's county. This is the first report between greenbelt and route one college park watch out. You've got responders heading. Now the first report of the crash on the outer loop on the beltway was on the outer loop, but watch your mirrors both inner and outer loop, they're running to find this. Again, you're on a wide open roadway, the middle of a long holiday weekend on a Saturday volumes are extremely light so you could find something at speed. Please use caution on all of your ramps in that stretch until they nail this down. Nothing on 95 in Maryland beltway to be doing pretty well. Another first report on the Maryland side they were running for a new crash that's on four 14 saint Barnabas road near stamp road here too, both directions watch for response heading to the scene. We're checking now on 95 in Maryland beltway about why doing well, nothing reported on I two 70 to or from the eastern shore 50 cooperates between the Queenstown exit or entrance and across the bay. You've got two lanes each way currently across the bay. There's no two way travel yet, no need yet, no incidents all the way to the beltway and back. Inside of the beltway even into northeast Washington rolling well, in Virginia, big roads doing okay, you have wall new road and chantilly, the crash is still located between Willard road and westfields boulevard watch for police direction. The I 81 corridor alert on a long holiday weekend with a pretty hefty delay southbound. They've lifted the closure point, the crash on

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