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Just see it guys coming out and they're just so ready like the games that games are far more advanced than mine was when I turned bro. So we obviously over here we were just rocking for the president's cup. Did you watch any of it? You catch any of it? Yeah, we watched quite a bit. Like obviously we never go to bed pretty early. So I was never making it so very close to the stages, but I really enjoyed it. I actually quite like that it goes on for longer, like it's four days. I quite like that. But I just thought it was a good president's copy. I had a great atmosphere to it and there was just a few, I suppose, any time in a team event, presidents could radical. There's always like stories that come out of it, but I just thought, there was a few good ones in this, and I enjoyed watching. For you guys, is like the, you know, European Ryder Cup group texts get popping off this time of year when you get the team atmosphere is going. No, it hasn't gone fully enough, but we had that one. We didn't have like a massive group chat last time. We had it on something else. But like no, I'm sure, I'm sure everybody's watching it, but then there's guys that are playing by those guys that are playing in Italy and France and stuff. And busy and then they'll be guys that have done it too, but it's nice to watch, isn't it? And then it brings back brings back a fire, it brings back memories. It brings back like motivation to make because I think the team still so cool like it's so so good in it like you see just different sides of people coming up slightly instructions with the crowds and stuff. It's so good to play in. But it's really good to watch as well.

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