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The thing that everybody's been making a co hosts the writing project will be a year long college program but it won't be all that much bigger if we try to do this with fifty students four hundred students four thousand students for ten thousand students we would necessarily lose something if not everything of what makes this education unique Marcus opens Ted is that each person who passes through here will be transformed kind of like a after class the students hi X. out in the street to catch dinner Yasmin hooks rock fish right away then two more she whispers thank you fish on the cabinets and hear news elfin cove Alaska knives out is a human jigsaw puzzle of a who done it to rich novelist named Harlan thrombi found dead in a dive and upstairs scheming backstabbing family members downstairs Coraline over the spoils and appealing family attendant and famously astute detective in the drawing room armed only with his which and in this case a slow southern drawl but let me assure you fix my presence will be ornamental you will find me a respectful quiet passive observer of the truth Jamie Lee Curtis Chris Evans ana de Armas Toni Collette don Johnson Christopher Plummer are among the stars and Ryan Johnson salute to a whole genre films drawn from or inspired by Agatha Christie and as the master detective in gentleman sleuths Benoit block Daniel Craig who joins us from New York thanks so much for being with us it's a pleasure thank you for having me and why the southern drawl for Benoit block Ryan Johnson just read in the script it says of the gentlest of southern lilt I may not have done that but I went for it and he wanted something that placed him that separated him from the rest of the characters kind of maybe let leave some open for ridicule and does to give away too much of the plot but in a way your gentleman sleuth locks which with the great mystery novelist distaste for much of the film played by Christopher Plummer because he's he's tried to scatter clues about his own demise has me yes so I mean he's also done the opposite I would say exactly that he's got the clues to tend to put put this direction yes Mr action against his forties really off to on for a very very important reason but the phone is listed with stuff like this I mean there are many many references and it runs a fan of as I am of Agatha Christie and certainly of the sort of big movies that came out when I was a kid like a motor on the to express with Albert Finney and peace to Houston often and death on the Nile they were event movies with lots of big stars in them that to that which is sort of grand pieces of entertainment and that's what I think this movie sets out to be an on succeeds in doing does Ben might have to possess a criminal mind to be ineffective detective well that's a question I don't know I don't know he has an enquiring mind and he sees in this young woman martyr who is was from his nose a somebody who's in deep trouble but it's basically a very very good person and he thinks that she holds the key to the case so he he he takes great interest in people and I think that's where he finds out the sort of the the crux of the case the mystery writer I believe hit his advice to another character has run in my mind during these these weeks of impeachment hearings and enquiries he says don't live tell fragments of the truth you are you suggesting that's been happening in the impeachment in cars I I just found the line the more compelling what's going on well then but in contemporary political arguments to make it into the film they do and I think as a Jamie Lee Curtis is so I'm going to put in a lot of interviews as a lot of red meat in an unclean beeping flung around here so this both sides of the argument but this at the central Florida and as I said on a day on this is playing this kind of tomato he was basically the hobby to the movie in her predicament is is very modern and up to date it's very much today now right now amidst everything that is going on in this country you're one of the best known actors in the world and I would ordinarily say you're the most famous show business figure ever to come out of Liverpool I don't think that's true thankfully thankfully that's not true and therefore other people there are people out of your mind a couple of other people in mind add to that but yeah I'm trying very proudly from the full and I'm very proud to be from the same places as all four of them I've read that you when you were young theatre student nectar in London you worked in restaurants which is not surprising now of course yes I mean I did from the age of sixteen yeah so when you were working in restaurants to that require an act I didn't know it first but yes it does it takes it what it does is you need a persona really and that you need a persona I'm sure as most waiters will tell you to sort of like so you can ignore all yeah I read people are a lot of the time yeah I had I did I was full on silver service I will bow ties to two cocktails into the whole thing into that for years I thought of I mean all I've got to ask shaken or stirred myself in the course of Columbus hal and Barry dry so by the time you had to had to tie a bow tie for another certain character in the movies you already done it right it wasn't part of getting the job that I could time I am boat though tell yes I've avoided the obvious but to people stop you on the street and go that data but due to myself well I guess I would be disappointed if you didn't do that my own sense right Daniel Craig the southern gentleman detective in the.

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