Netflix Tanks 37% On Massive Subscriber Loss


Netflix is now down by 30 7% their stock. Down 37% in trading. Now it came out yesterday that Netflix reported a loss of 200 thousand monthly paying subscribers during the first quarter of this year. Netflix has embraced the woke agenda completely and totally. Now there's still some good content on Netflix. I canceled my Netflix subscription. Because after they publish cuties, which I believe was very close to child pornography and other people agree, it's hard to not come to that conclusion. There are some fine content on Netflix, their show on Elon Musk is fine. Their World War II documentaries are okay. Sure. But Netflix has gone all in on the diversity equity, agenda. In fact, Netflix has become a mouthpiece for the political correct regime. They've entire categories dedicated to trans content. Entire categories dedicated to fighting racism. Netflix, of course, is now coming up against other competitors, a big push from Disney, the grooming network, big push, which is Hulu, of course. Hulu is owned by Disney, a big push by discovery plus HBO Max and Netflix is now up against the wall. Now you might say Charlie, what's the importance so what if Netflix is cratering? I don't think you quite understand the cultural impact that Netflix has. Over young people and how they view the world. If 200,000 people are divesting from Netflix, they are doing the exact same type of behavior that people do when they say, I'm a little bit overweight, get me some celery juice, get me a gym membership. I'm going to stop going out to the bar every evening and I got to get myself into shape. What you are seeing is an entire country or culture start to kind of sit up straight with their shoulders back and say, that's not making me a happier or better person.

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