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Not false she's lying now we are doing a deep dive dig well should have it by the time we're on Hannity tonight for every single person on the visibility is only general Flynn this is only from election day twenty sixteen November eighth through January thirty first twenty seventy this is a tiny period of time we had been telling you about this dramatic increase in on masking and it's all tied to the E. R. our attempt to prevent Donald Trump from getting elected and then the insurance policy a soft some good news in the latest cover nineteen numbers I Beth Myers in the news radio one thousand Katie okay new center for the second time this month the state health department is reporting no covert nineteen deaths in Oklahoma in the past twenty four hours here's Margot marrano state health commissioner Gary **** calls it a hopeful development he says the health department is rapidly expanding its contact tracing efforts to hopefully continue the significant progress the total number of cold in nineteen deaths in Oklahoma it remains at two hundred seventy eight there are more than forty eight hundred confirmed positive cases meanwhile a top official at the World Health Organization says the novel coronavirus that has plunged the world into a pandemic may never go away executive director Mike Ryan says it's going to take a long time to bring covert nineteen under control there's a long long way to go before there's going to be any bells on wrong and and and this response so I think we need to be clear about that more than four point three million people have tested positive for the virus in the global death toll is approaching two hundred ninety five thousand the state Senate today passed a bill to make curbside and delivery alcohol sales permanent in Oklahoma state senator Roger Thompson about chemo says the temporary rules put in place because of code nineteen appear to be working on the Katie okay whether studio by hill and company you're a train comfort specialist it's hard to top the hill cloudy today warmer with a high of seventy nine and eighty percent chance of scattered storms overnight and some of those could be severe hello.

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