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And now Valero summer vacation, driving tips, keep these in mind as you embark on your journey. Give your car safety check, including coolant tank hoses belts tire pressure, battery air and fuel filters prepare an emergency kit to keep in the vehicle, and have a phone number for nationwide automotive assistance in the event, you need towing or maintenance be sure you have your license registration and current and. Insurance card. And now a word from Valero, where is your? They're your happy place you were go to destination. Maybe it's that hidden code by the lake or that place now or, and a half away on route six that serves the world's best Meatloaf. Or maybe it's home and Valero. We have the fuel to get you there, wherever there is because Valera top tier certified quality fuel keeps your engine running cleaner better and longer find a station near you at Valero, clean gas dot com. And now an ad from bundle home and auto with progressive, and save on your car insurance. Excuse me. Maybe we should add in the word money. So they know that they're saving money this going to get that in there. Okay. Hello. Just Nottingham me, okay? Well, he's got enough funds to push in their progressive cat savy from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates in other insurance. Discounts not available in all states or situations..

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