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Boot roadways tonight with few exceptions. On route 50, this is Anna rundle county, headed west still heavy on a short stretch through graysonville. This has had a tour of the narrows with a crash that happened a few hours ago at VFW avenue at last check all westbound lanes of 50 were still stopped for the cleanup. And we may have an investigation so that may take a little longer for those lanes to clear. Meanwhile, the volume is still slow approaching the eastbound span of the bay bridge because of a work zone that has you getting by using one lane in both directions. Yes. BW Parkway 95, no problems there to press Georges and Howard county's two 70 you're doing fine. The beltway no worries through Maryland and Virginia on the Virginia side. No problems on 66, three 95, just a brief delay as you make your way toward the inbound 14th street bridge. I'll tell you why, because there's a crash inbound on the 14th street bridge that's on the right side had to squeeze and buy two lanes to the left and that's also creating some problems coming off the southbound ramp from the GW Parkway onto the inbound 14th so B a very careful state of the left if you can and always allow the other guy a first round first, okay? It's a very merry super Saturday at Ashley this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. save 25% off all furniture, visit home stores online. For the Ashley store nearest you, Rick McClure, WTO traffic Now to storm team fours Amelia Draper. Low temperatures tonight in the mid 30s to low 40s with an isolated shower or two possible. Otherwise clearing

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