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In washington i'm janine herbs president trump is imposing additional economic sanctions against iran in response to tehran downing u._s. military drone calling around actions aggressive treasury secretary steve mnuchin says these are on top of already crushing sanctions that are in force against iran are highly highly effective on locking up the iranian economy is the president said we look forward to a time in releasing sanctions if they're willing to negotiate around hardline state media says the sanctions are based on fabricated excuses the trump administration wants international partners to join forces to increase maritime security in the strait of hormuz that's the area where the u._s. says ron attacked two oil tankers recently tehran denies that claim president trump today said other countries including china and japan should protect their own oil tankers in that key waterway texas congresswoman says the federal government is removed most of the children from a remote u._s. customs and border patrol station after reports that there were hundreds of children held without adequate food water and sanitation associated press reports congresswoman veronica escobar says there are thirty children left at that facility near el paso as of today it's not clear where all the children were moved to meanwhile border patrol agents have found four bodies by the rio grande in texas rio grande valley texas public radio's rinaldo leon ios junior has more the will county sheriff eddie get tweet last night saying that border patrol agents came across four bodies by the rio grande southeast of a wildlife management area the f._b._i.'s leading the investigation and says that three of the deceased our children and the other is an adult woman the f._b._i. says it appears they were undocumented immigrants and as of right now there are no signs of file play the agency also says it appears died from dehydration and heat exposure but the next step will be to conduct an autopsy authorities will contact the appropriate consulate and the consulate notify their relatives last year there were two hundred eighty three deaths across the southern border with a majority of them happening in the rio grande valley for n._p._r. news and the leonids junior in mission texas democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders released a plan to eliminate all student debt n._p._r.'s daniel kirkland explains sanders today released a plan to eliminate one point six trillion dollars in student debt the plan.

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