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Right right now, John Morrissey. I know it's probably tough all over but were some of the worst spots really, You know, it's hard to say there is a worse spot. I'm in the high country worse than down here in the metro area, but the metro areas pretty bad, too. In the bed, friend, sports traffic center roads or snow covered here. Roads or snow cover their roads or snow covered everywhere. And that means a very slick drive this morning. Yeah, that's that champagne powder, But that's not going to make it any any better for years. You're on the road. You're very, very slow all the way through downtown 45 probably gonna be your best speed, probably less this morning. As you start out a pretty slow drive up toward DEA on Pina Boulevard. Cups of delays out there of in the high country will find Shane laws and tracks. Laws along I 70 and US six Loveland pass, So if your car your truck, your vehicle is not ready for the mountains, if you don't have good snow tires or or change or four wheel drive, and you cause an accident up there, it is going to be one expensive day for you. They will sock it to you. So don't head up into the mountains unless your car's prepared and really don't head out anywhere. It's a pretty slow drive onto 85. This morning, I 25 heading down past Castle Rock and down into the springs and all the way down into Pueblo and then down for State line is tough and the storm is moving south. We may be done with a lot of what we're going to get here, but the storm is still moving south. So your drive is really bad on I 25 was closures between Pueblo and Trinidad and then down over its own past up into northern Colorado. They got a ton of snow. Thank goodness. A lot of it fell on the fires to you still got some fire closures along the bull deterred by check that along us 36, north of Boulder past lions through as to sparkle. Also Colorado seven. Your drive this morning is going to be a tough one. If you can telecommute if you've learned how to do that, since we've been in the Corona virus thing, That's a good thing this morning because the drive is really gonna be tricky. Right now. Just one accident at sixth and Hudson just west.

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