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Sort of used the great that was like that was I thought that was cool because that was like a political statement that was just like write something that was way before Hollywood was even anyway. All anyway, thinking about that. I thought that was pretty pretty pretty bad ass. Well, you had like you had some. Hollywood's always been, you know, there was the blacklist. I mean, the hose always been political, many ways and didn't you have wasn't Hanoi Jane before that. I mean, it wasn't Jane Fonda sort of documentary. No is a good man. So she, yeah, she's amazing. She is. And even if you know, she's amazing. You see this documentary, like man, what a bad s? Yeah, like she'll she gets on the end is talking about her plastic surgery in saying, I wish I would have been braver to have not felt like I needed to do this. And just like that takes a lot of balls to say something like that. You know, when you're legends like that sort of admit that I wish I hadn't had done this and I felt like I sent the wrong message, you know, and the whole Hanoi Jane thing manages its. I did a people still hate it, or I was in newsroom, and I remember at one of the first table rates, she said next to me was like. I was like hygiene, David. Hello? Yeah. My God feel things. She enjoys that feeling. And what she seventy. How old is she? She's she's in their seventies for sure. Yeah, she's amazing. I mean also, I think the single greatest performance. This is not the movie. We're gonna talk about if we ever talk about them, but the single greatest performance men or women on film, I think is her performance include like, I actually think that that performance is so like the dangers, the pitfalls in that performance? Yeah, of her making her a Hooker with a heart of gold is so easy like other actors would take that and like sim sentimentalize it, and she makes her so hard. And also someone who you can't figure out she makes her such an and so hard. Yeah. And like that is what a prostitute is like. They're just so hard. They're not have this like beating heart of gold and so brave, that performances brave, like it is a total. It's the, I think it's the greatest foam performance of all time. Wow. They go. I've said it Jane Fonda. Barbarella is number two. You think it's better than God? I wish I could think is right. Terrible performance. What do I think is the best performance. Right? David sort of set the standard of these are going to be. I would say that it's a tie for me my own personal favorite between zero Mastel June wilder users might to vote. Yeah, I think as an actor, if you look at those performances, those two performances, I am going back and forth between the two allow if that to shot at the beginning of the movie, just that wide shot of a seven or eight minutes shot. Right? Yeah. Just the two of them talking in that room. Yeah, it's incredible. It's insane. Yeah. So that's my favorite. But I mean, I don't know there's just perform and then you in your, there's performances to the child. And like I think my favorite actors and it's all that influenced me the most is kid and most of those people are like white guys. Yeah, but then you get older and you get more sophisticated, you know? Sure, or hopefully you do and you know, you see different types of performances that influence you along the way. So I think it's always like important to continue to be influenced by great performances as well. But like, yeah, you look at like jerk. Geraldine page. We were talking on my -tarian. Oh yes. Seeing per. You don't know this movie. It's a very dark Woody Allen movie. No serious movies. He's heavily influenced by Bergman and stuff. So it was a dramatic parody of Burke in the opinion. No, not a parody, but it's it's like his Bergman too, but it's also him. It's like a really, right. It's why you know, but it's everything his, it's Geraldine page. Who is one of the greatest like actresses of all time again, maybe what will surely page in trip to bountiful. She got the, but she and, oh, she's in that Gene Hackman. Is she in the..

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