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To competition go to the cycling podcast common. You'll see how to submit our clip of audio telling us how and why you would use super sapiens now. mitch mitch's mixed zone debut. It was it was fascinating where this case as well because kate was was doing her frustrated france and learning the rules of the tour. The the the the places that you go the the signs that you have to follow 'em what happens once you're not through the front bubble and but for you and even more strange experience. I gasp. because you're so used to being on the other side of the fence. It wasn't a typical start today. You know we're normally in a nice little village or time. We kind of quite a desolate ski resort high up in the in the mountains and there wasn't a huge crowd. It was quite strange. Atmosphere is a little bit muted. Hopefully will you'll expend something else the rest of the week but em. Well you did a few interviews. I didn't you. Yeah i thought was andre grapple and just getting his attention because we quantify far down in the lawn you know you go to latifi. Crews i stop and then just getting the attention of the ranas and letting them know where you on getting them down there. Because i know that iran myself if you get cold into that zion or you come down the especially today. It was about eight degrees and called and even a little bit of rain every so often. So if you're rata you'll like get me out of here get these interview don amount. You're not just coasting around there. Maybe hoping to get another interview so getting the the end to us was half the game. That was however. I do know to get andre. Great book grabs my busy out at a skit danny and he came down and it was a good shot. It's like i said it's great to see these guys because you have that rapport with them. And they they are friends friends in the bunch and we always get that chance to catch up in the bond so there was an element of catching up and then suddenly it was like okay. Quick we got to go to actual individual here and then you. You're catching up to. It was nice. It was awesome connect with the gauze and see where. They're at coming to these last week. If i suspect to andrei and then we had a bit of a break and then luckily for us the white guys had to get to. The stop was poss. And all of a sudden we heat with the flyer varda's and like you said a few guys recognizing that hang on mitch's on the other side of the fence today and suddenly we will flooded with ten fifteen guys at once. They'll be accused moro. Well let's hear from. Andre gripe shall we and then let's hear from michael markle because i was fascinated to hear what he said he. He's the guy who speak to law usually the leaders but this connects with conversation. We had lost the group on how it's organized this year. And how the current quickstep are helping mark colvin dish to get through these stages and i find what he said really fascinating. So let's your first. Andre gripe and then michael moore punch dry gripe might last week of the tour It's nice but not not nice which When you see the stage.

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