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He ran a global strategy for ubs before launching his own hedge funds in the early nineties when put up spectacular numbers felix also runs zulle off consulting out of zurich switzerland's he has been a member of barons round table for thirty years let's talk a little bit about the great financial crisis because what you said some really interesting things are both before and after and i i will discuss that a little bit heading into the crisis you were fairly bearish tell us tell us what the thought priceless was in the early 2000s before the financial well before we had a the asian crisis in the nineteen night late 1990s and the eu we had the alan greenspan running the fed and i knew alan greenspan before he became a fed chairman the he was an advisor to ubs at that time and we met there is three months to dishonest serve world affairs at the his focus will not that the appropriate but he he's a great the historian and i i detected because most of the time of the late seventies early '80s when we went from rising inflation to declining inflation and i ask the minutes of questions about deflationary processes and he was very concerned about the nozzle told maddie 1930's and from the on and you can really go back into statistic from 1987 on that trauma sought of guided monetary policy it was always too easy for way too long and this leads to the excesses that we have seen before id asian crisis then we had the 1998 with a big decline in the market and then we had the event as tcm russia and the.

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