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Twenty four seven news center shooting in Burien leaves a fourteen year old boy. In critical condition at his friend a sixteen year old boy the suspected. Shooter police say the shooting with Chapman in the twelve thousand six hundred block of twelfth, avenue south may have been an accident police are questioning several. People who were in the home when it happened the smoky haze blanketing most of Washington state leads to an unhealthy air alert. But as komo's Ryan Harris tells. Us just start to go away soon the stuff hanging in the air is essentially a cocktail of wildfire smoke, from British Columbia pushed closer to the ground by high pressure and eastern Washington thanks to wind. Aimed at us that has much of western Washington's air monitors showing air that's unhealthy or unhealthy for sensitive groups the Puget Sound clean air agencies Eric saga niche says the. Smoke's not only, full of dangerous, chemicals but small solid particles Get deep into your lungs. Particles caused the, heart attacks and health impacts but there's also carcinogens. Like Zine and smoke of any, kind whether, it's from a. From a cigarette or from a wildfire they're awfully the, same so the recommendation to stay indoors as much as you can use recirculated on your air conditioners and hang tight because the, air around the sound should be clearer by morning Ryan Harris KOMO news central Washington University is fired state. Representative madman Weller after an investigation. Into allegations of inappropriate behavior men Weller says one from sixteen years ago, is one example of claims he says are blown out of proportion Arfan comments. You're young you're going to know radio booby you better get a chaperone. You know and then they're like oh well this is clearly Representative Manuel trying to invite, himself to the movie with young girls how do you defend. Yourself from that type of crap the Ellensburg Republican says he plans to file a lawsuit he also sent komo's statements from three. Women who say the investigator tried. To put words in their mouths the university says stands by the investigator and her conclusions Can't teachers have voted to strike komo's Jeff Pohjola. Has the labor union and the district have been in talks, over the last several months the teachers wanting a double digit, pay raise after the. State significantly increased funding under the mccleary decision Chris hill is part of the bargaining team we are an ocean apart in terms of what kind of a raise the district. Is. Willing to give, out today teachers voted to walk out if no deal is reached by the twenty ninth hill. Says the district originally offered at three point one percent race but hasn't. Gotten much, above that she says they. Expect to, get raises, comparable to neighboring districts some of, which have seen pay hikes, of nearly, twenty percent however the, Kent, school, district has long been struggling with budget problems and was forced to lay off more. Than one hundred twenty people last spring we've reached out. To the district for comment but have not heard back. Jeff Pohjola KOMO news Tukwila say the district needs to offer better salaries there too according to Debbie eldest. With the Tukwila, teacher's union neighboring districts have negotiated increases Between ten and, twenty one. Percent but they're only being offered three point one percent about us trying to be greedy and get more money we really wanna meet remain competitive we have a lot of cash to. The people in our district to really.

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