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Stories, and so I would I would tell white readers like how how are you actively challenging whatever preconceptions you have about a any group of people by reading widely from that group of people? Love that Elizabeth we have two questions so I down this interview. I wish we could just talk to you all afternoon. I been talking all day. I'm so sorry know we've loved it. That's the point of pot. That's interview. We're here to hear from you. Yeah, we didn't bring you on the talk. You want to hear from you. I don't have real cool workers this. A lot of the day like you may lean or does regain my husband with all the stories after he's done with his meeting or when I. Get a interview in the week like all of the. With me. It's not you. We're excited. Yeah, we're we. This has been a great interview, but Elizabeth Are you able to share anything about what is coming next? What your next book might I know? You're working on a screenplay, but. What about books. So, the secret knossos secret because I talked about it on twitter and instagram pretty often, but I'm working on an adult novel and that's really early in the works, but it's what I'm excited by now and I'm working on a poetry collection, and that's been done for a while now, so it's more just feeling whether or not. It's completed in what that might look like but there. There is a lot of writing that I'm hoping to do one thing that's been good. If that I'm not touring, so things are a little wider, so been able to sit for the first time in a long like three years quietly with my thoughts and take my time, so adult adult novel will see. It's kind of in those stages where you're like. This is brilliant or really ought. I'm not entirely sure yet. I don't have the distance. But I think the poetry collection I've been holding.

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