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Model works for me. I mean, look, we have, if your show ends up, you get banned from YouTube. Right? You get banned from YouTube and the majority of people are watching your videos on Bitcoin TV dot com. You will have a very strong incentive to support the project. So I want to support you. I'm expecting creators to also be supporting the project. We already have, you know, we have Nico from simply Bitcoin. He already reached out. He's like, next time there's a server. I would love to front the cost of the server. Because simply Bitcoin hosts all their content on Bitcoin TV. They had an episode with our boy Alex spezi the other day where they finished the episode and Niko was like, if I post this to YouTube, we are going to get a flag. We're going to get a flag. We're not going to be on the post for 5 days. It's a daily show. I need a fucking do it. And they made it a Bitcoin TV exclusive, right? So I think there is demand there. I haven't had another YouTube. I'll front the server for you. We're always doing. I say we. I mean, we do a lot of donations. I think we've given out about a $130,000 on projects this year. Let's stream Bedford FC to Bitcoin TV dot com. That's a fucking good idea. Because we're gonna start streaming games early next. Everyone wants to stream at one part of me nervous about doing it because I'm like, are these people who watch the Premier League and they've got this idea that I've bought the MLS from I'm sure Bedford can compete with funky NYC FC or whatever. Dude, this is like weekend football. I'm very proud of the team and I'm very excited about where I could go, but it's low level. But like whatever, these people, there's so many people behind this team now that they this hundreds of them who would have probably watched it today, we streamed it. And let me see. Let me find out because I want to get the game streaming this year. I think it's going to make it happen. We'll be the exclusive streaming part. I mean unless you want the money grab and you want someone else to pay you. No, I mean, we're going to pilot testing next year anyway, but at some point it will be something we'll charge for the stream and because we've got a couple of the costs. There is a cost to stream in the games. But it might be where you're going to charge the end user, you're going to charge the streaming provider. No, this the end user, because there's a cost. There's a cost to us to stream the game. We have to have to have a team to come in with cameras. I'm aware. You need a television cameras and stuff. But look, stream through us, we won't charge you anything. No, but I said we were tested. We're going to test that. I'll do it for free the first. Any games this season, the rest of the season that we stream. What about the ad model? Potentially, potentially..

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