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That's more efficient than fire in your guy. And then going for somebody you get your guy. I then then you move your personnel. We asked you at the beginning what it means for. We'll wait. And I think that is to be determined. But even though the seems unfair to bring it up. I will at orange Ron was hired by Joe Aleve. We know what? Scott Woodward has done in the past, especially at am with two coaches that he inherited what does it mean to doors, Iran? Well, I would be a lot more nervous if I'm real weight than if I'm that. Okay. At ores, Ron it's not in any sort of NPA trouble at all. And he's coming off a great season in which he wasn't suspended during that season. He spent his top six is recruiting going great. His offense. Looks like it might be improving. So, you know, fancy question coaches always would rather their athletic director who hired them or chancellor who hired them be there while they're still coaching. But I don't I don't think coach Jones is is in any kind of trouble because switching athletic directors. I mean from Riva lasted another five years and owes Kodjo started losing, you know, leave it would fire him. So, but I do think, you know, Wade's got a new sheriff in town to to look at his issues. He's the one who should be worried. Okay. Let me let me let me follow up on that as we wrap up. We we've been waiting for today because we would find out today whether or not he testify if he testified then next week was really the benchmark moment. Many believe so now with a new AD who will be formally introduced next week. What are the the key dates to keep in mind or to watch in relation to will wage future? I would say the key thing now for way, he doesn't have to worry about testifying in a trial. That's that's true. But remember this. He was not in any trouble and LSU when he first had testified when that first came out he's used that as an excuse his first lawyer used that as an excuse. So he wouldn't have to talk about the verisign comment. He made in the Yahoo story. That's really why he used that subpoena as a as a recent he just didn't wanna talk about it could've talked about it because he talked about it last week when he still could have test the buck because he got a new lawyer doing he was doing with the NCAA. Okay. But to answer your question. The next thing is is when the NCAA gets around to investigating continuing its investigation and ruling on the sports revelations in if there's any more revelations by that's that's the next thing for we'll wait. The continuation and conclusion of the ongoing investigation of his recruiting. Is there any way to handicap it? I would say, you know, in the short term. He's all right. Just kind of like showing Miller, you know, the new strategies, you I I heard you say this recently, the new strategy toward the NCAA is to is to ride it out. I don't think schools fear, the NCAA like they used to you know, they'll cross that bridge when they get to it. And and there's there's a bunch of other schools involved too. So it might be years before they actually get to will wait. Glenn? Thank you very much busy week in patent Rouge. And it's not over yet. Well, it's over for a little while I think, but you know, Scott Woodward is just a slam dunk high or this. This is the best hire LSU's made athletic since they hide Nick say this, you know, he really should have been hired as a D back in two thousand eight when they hire Jolley, but where he was AD at at Washington. So this was a surprising move by LSU because it makes so much. Many thanks going. We'll talk to you very soon. I'm sure thank you very much. Okay. Going give joining us with some interesting comments there. And I think most people agree LSU's had a series of terrible hires in many different worlds it. It would seem to reason that one of the worst hires the schools ever made was Joe Aleve as director we are up against a break..

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