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<Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> Cameras Pete Firefighting <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> crews facing <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> their <Speech_Music_Male> Cameras Pete Firefighting <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> crews facing <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> their biggest <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> test <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> today as unseasonably <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> warm temperatures, <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> low <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> relative humidity, <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> and westerly wind <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> gusts exceeding <Speech_Male> thirty miles <Speech_Male> per hour for a second <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> straight day <Speech_Male> are expected <Speech_Male> to test those main <Speech_Male> fire lines <Speech_Male> that stand between the <Speech_Male> fire and thousands <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> of homes <Speech_Male> and other structures <Speech_Male> in red that <Speech_Male> lakes, Crystal Lakes, <Speech_Male> and the glacier <Speech_Male> view communities <Speech_Male> joined <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> this morning by <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Channel to pinpoint <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> meteorologist <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> atmospheric <Speech_Male> scientist <Speech_Male> Matt Make <Speech_Male> Ends Hey. <Speech_Male> Either how are <Speech_Male> we today? <SpeakerChange> Well. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> You tell us <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> because boy, it's <Speech_Male> going to be a challenging <Speech_Male> day for those <SpeakerChange> firefighters <Speech_Male> as an. <Speech_Male> Sabbar. <Speech_Telephony_Male> All too. Yeah. <Speech_Telephony_Male> We'll be <Speech_Male> very hot <Speech_Telephony_Male> record. He <hes> <Speech_Telephony_Male> no humidity <Speech_Telephony_Male> wind. <Speech_Telephony_Male> So. Yeah. <Speech_Telephony_Male> Not Not a non <Speech_Telephony_Male> ideal setup <Speech_Telephony_Male> by any means not <Speech_Male> only for Colorado, <Speech_Telephony_Male> but <Speech_Male> the Big Molin fire <Speech_Male> in southern Wyoming <Speech_Male> to just. <Speech_Male> <hes> Laremy. <Speech_Male> So <Speech_Male> that multiple <Speech_Telephony_Male> complexes we have <Speech_Telephony_Male> in the area will probably <Silence> flare up quite. <Speech_Male> Quite <Speech_Telephony_Male> dramatically later today. <Speech_Telephony_Male> I. Would <SpeakerChange> Guess. <Speech_Telephony_Male> So <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <hes> that's frightening <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> and Do we <Speech_Male> see any break in the heat <Speech_Male> anytime <SpeakerChange> soon? <Speech_Male> <Speech_Telephony_Male> we'll catch <Speech_Male> a cold front <Speech_Telephony_Male> on Sunday <Speech_Male> <Speech_Telephony_Male> It's GonNa come <Speech_Telephony_Male> through and try to <Speech_Telephony_Male> catch most <Speech_Male> northeastern Colorado <Speech_Male> most <Speech_Male> of the front <Speech_Telephony_Male> range foothills and balance. <Speech_Male> So that would <Speech_Telephony_Male> cover the cameron peak, <Speech_Telephony_Male> cover them all <Speech_Male> in <Speech_Male> It won't hit anything <Speech_Male> off at the Utah though <Speech_Male> that called for <Speech_Male> it's GonNa. Try to swing through <Speech_Male> it will <Speech_Male> drop temperatures a <Speech_Male> lot will cool <Speech_Male> off into the sixties <Speech_Male> and fifties Sunday <Speech_Telephony_Male> afternoon and even <Speech_Telephony_Male> and it will <Speech_Telephony_Male> try to drop some rain <Speech_Telephony_Male> and snow. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Across the whole <Speech_Telephony_Male> region late Sunday <Speech_Telephony_Male> into Monday morning. <Speech_Male> But <Speech_Telephony_Male> the amount of moisture <Speech_Male> may be <Speech_Telephony_Male> limited for the fire <Speech_Telephony_Male> areas <Speech_Telephony_Male> and more the farther <Speech_Telephony_Male> east you go <Speech_Telephony_Male> over the plains. <Speech_Telephony_Male> So at <Speech_Telephony_Male> least Monday morning. <Speech_Male> But <Speech_Telephony_Male> the amount of moisture <Speech_Male> may be <Speech_Telephony_Male> limited for the fire <Speech_Telephony_Male> areas <Speech_Telephony_Male> and more the farther <Speech_Telephony_Male> east you go <Speech_Telephony_Male> over the plains. <Speech_Telephony_Male> So at <Speech_Telephony_Male> least it'd be a chance <Speech_Telephony_Male> to to <Speech_Male> bring a little <SpeakerChange> water to <Speech_Telephony_Male> those areas though <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> yeah. Well, we <Speech_Male> certainly need the moisture <Speech_Male> I. Know that it's turned <Speech_Male> into a cliche <Speech_Male> in Colorado <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> own my gosh, <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> I mean as you look at <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <hes> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> future projections <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> are we? <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> In line for any <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> significant precipitation <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> anytime <Speech_Male> soon <Speech_Male> no. No <Speech_Telephony_Male> a this would be <Speech_Telephony_Male> the best chance <Speech_Telephony_Male> for the next week <Speech_Telephony_Male> to ten days <Speech_Telephony_Male> in. Then <Speech_Male> you get past the first <Speech_Telephony_Male> week in October, <Speech_Telephony_Male> they'll be another system coming <Speech_Telephony_Male> in then around <Speech_Telephony_Male> the eighteenth <Speech_Telephony_Male> of October <Speech_Telephony_Male> <hes> maybe something <Speech_Telephony_Male> more significant <Speech_Telephony_Male> at that point <Speech_Telephony_Male> <hes> at least there's <Speech_Telephony_Male> been kind of a consistent <Speech_Music_Male> hint that <Speech_Telephony_Male> that around that <Speech_Telephony_Male> time would be <Speech_Telephony_Male> a potential impact <Speech_Telephony_Male> but no nothing <Silence> really significant. <Speech_Male> And was <Speech_Telephony_Male> the Lanier year <Speech_Telephony_Male> <hes> classically <Speech_Telephony_Male> most areas <Speech_Telephony_Male> with <Speech_Telephony_Male> the fires <Speech_Telephony_Male> those firearms <Speech_Telephony_Male> classically, <SpeakerChange> they are <Silence> <Advertisement> much drier than average <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> channel <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> to pinpoint weather <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> meteorologists Matt <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Megan's thanks <Speech_Male> so much as always <Speech_Male> all we can do at this point <Speech_Male> is <SpeakerChange> keep those firefighters <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> in our thoughts <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> and prayers. <Speech_Male> That's right. That's <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> for sure. Yeah. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> All right. Thanks so <Speech_Male> much have a good weekend <Speech_Male> eight, fifty, seven <Speech_Male> out yup <Speech_Male> eight. fifty-seven Thirteen <Speech_Male> Ten <SpeakerChange> Kfi <Speech_Male> K.

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