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K. Gilbertson McCormick and Schmidt's all wonderful restaurants tried him all, I'll certainly, be there at one of the restaurants in a you know it's. Just a very much a party. Atmosphere entertainment out the restaurant Billy Jerry right outside the restaurants. It's something that I think everybody will really enjoy the celebrities sports figures Cam Johnson Johnson who. Used to, play for the, blues is going to. Be there Jim Hannifin former, cardinal coach a number of people I keep mentioning Fred Burge which always. Seems to be a favourite of everybody along with miss Missouri MRs Missouri, actually. Is going to, be there as well company by Elvis. Presley so we got, we got, everybody that you can imagine but it really is you know between having a wonderful meal Of course we as waiters will be looking for tips of any kind and cash your credit cards whatever you. Have, to have will. Be accepted we we do kind of get into, competition as, to who can raise the most. In the way of tips and. We're hoping to top over one hundred twenty thousand dollars is, here in, contributions that evening so I encourage everybody call one of the restaurants. You just merely make your reservation. Come and have a wonderful time wonderful meal and then consider. Giving something contributing to the Saint Louis crisis nursery who really doesn't amazing job here in the. Metropolitan area, serving children from, newborns to twelve years. Old really they are really, between the state services this is everything on the first point of touch. Really isn't it Bill it really is you know it's kind of a, sad. Commentary I guess, in terms of the conditions that exist. For certain children in, our society, and child abuse and neglect Elect is too prevalent to say the least but the, Saint Louis, crisis nursery is really there is it offers an alternative to foster, care that gets gives gives people an opportunity to deal with some short term crisis they do provide. Twenty, four seven care I should mention to. Kill children are there they get a physical exam, they, get obviously they? Get meals and. Then the, families are assisted on top of, that to, get them through whatever the crisis is and then the children can go back to their families and You know, the the be intact, once again so it's critical services we mentioned about sixty five hundred children and their families were helped, last year unfortunately we'll probably see that same number this year The, the the rate of child abuse and neglect Seems to be a rather steady. Unfortunately. The despite the efforts in terms of prevention, yeah so, you you can make, a difference just, you know be there Thursday night really.

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