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Today's episode of the bill simmons podcast on the ringer podcast network brought to you by ziprecruiter our friends are two thousand eighteen presenting sponsors the people with a great view of the pacific ocean here in california you know why because they have a great company eighty percent of employers who post a jab on ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within a day they're the best that distributing your job to the best boards identifying the right people inviting them to apply my listeners can try it for free at ziprecruiter dot com slash b s and you haven't done that already just do for me father's day's coming up i have two kids you can do it meanwhile google cloud knows that it's march which means basketball basketball and basketball did you know the college players who are number one jersey dunk the most did you know that teams with cat mascots have caused the most upsets the ncaa is using google cloud to turn more than sixty years of data into insight in answers and now you and your business can do the same note your data knows see how at g that co slash march madness google cloud the official cloud of the ncaa couple ringer things to mention the ringer mlb show came back this week we changed the format we wanted to get more of the staff involved it relaunched on tuesday michael bowman hosting talking to a bunch of staffers ballard ruben got to complain about the orioles sean fantasy got the freak out about the matt's zach cram broke down otani's whole shitty count as one fantasy guy or two thing i think you should count as one guy personally and then and then old from ben limburg came in at the end they broke down the free agency this feeds gonna go in a lot of directions over over the next ten days because the season is starting so mao very soon if you're all in i'm based on you know everything i think you'll enjoy it if you're.

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