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To o'clock right now thirty nine degrees in boston and the clouds are moving in getting down to the upper twenties tonight for a low i'm nicole davis wbz news our top story this hour while today might be the start of spring the weather around here certainly doesn't reflect that at all we've got yet another nor'easter on our doorstep and if you're counting this is the fourth over the past three weeks or so wbz tv meteorologist pamela gardner has the timeline for this latest round say morning afternoon and evening things deteriorate slowly throughout those several hours by five o'clock the snow bands across southeastern massachusetts hear more of a mix across the cape ann islands and farther to the north and west a very sharp cutoff with where the snow will end so winter storm warnings are posted for us here in boston and worcester and winter storm watch north of there pamela says we can expect about five to ten inches of snow here in boston the outer cape about a coding to inches two to five or so on the south coast and again two to five or so outside worcester but the wind is certainly going to be a problem again this time at the height of the storm gusts could top sixty miles an hour and if you're on the coast we do have some high tides to contend with and that could lead to some coastal flooding in boston mayor marty walsh says the city is preparing once again wbz's carl stevens caught up with him today raising his fourth nor'easter this month mayor walsh said because tomorrow's forecast is fluctuated quite a bit it's complicated as he determines how the city should respond it's gonna start around noon they say and it's going to be heavy around four so it makes it very difficult to make make judgment calls as far as parking in schools and interest vegetation getting homes he's looking forward to more meteorological clarity as the storm approaches one thing's for sure though if he does have to clear snow emergency everybody will know what to do because they've had plenty of practice lately from downtown boston carl stevens.

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