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Kevin Rafe use filling in for my man Tony Marino's tonight he's actually off the full week so you guys are stuck with me will take a look at the interactive radar coming up let you know if you could be stuck with any rain as well first our top story the man accused of shooting to Kissimmee police officers at point blank range we sentence tomorrow morning ever Miller's charged in the murders of officer Matthew Baxter and sergeant Sam power if the jury is expected to begin deliberations in the morning the defense only called one witness today Miller's sister he was a loving he was caring he was cuddling he took me places ended things with me she said her older brother changed after he retired as a marine he was. kind of acting weird sand that somebody was watching him if convicted Miller could get the death penalty is news ninety six point five. Orlando turns first for breaking news weather and traffic I'm Tom Terry mostly fares guy beautiful night tonight we are still in the dryer pattern though which we really had said story move by another tropical wave is going to bring us a better chance for rain starting Friday the extended five day forecast for times an hour I'm Jacki O. Bryant still keeping track of all red alert on the turnpike northbound on an Aussie look any traffic in four minutes on news ninety six point five W. D. B. I. M. Kevin Rafe use just a heads up two nights from now we're gonna have full coverage of the upcoming democratic debate will air that live right here on news ninety six point five W. DDO I'm truly scales a teenager in Lake County is accused of hiring a hit man twice to kill her parents the police have arrested her on two felony counts she paid a teenage friend four hundred dollars to do the job the parents debit card was stolen and she used the debit card to withdraw funds and when that friend didn't do it AS one another nine hundred dollars was exchange to a separate individual she also admitted that she used some of that stolen money on cocaine we learned that her stepfather is a clear month police lieutenant but why she wanted to kill her parents is not yet known well today is the official peak of the twenty nineteen Atlantic hurricane season also marks two years since hurricane Irma came through central Florida right now we've got our eyes on two areas in the tropics neither of.

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