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And i'm healthy choices a convenience store that's coming quite a thing of the past more retailers are offering reasonably priced philip that's relatively healthy all the time in fact most recently some eleven teaming up with this tony horton that's the guy victory atp ninety access to put better choices on their selves like cole presence use him in high five or salads high protein routes and they're all relatively recently price to and they joined the ranks of all martin targeting further unsafe was stores all trying to do the same so so much for our but i've on the road i've got to grab a hamburger idea not necessarily he can eat healthy even on the road if he were to la that's the core if you could just butcher button and have the stuff you need from the grocery store appear on your doorstep which do it i'm gift and this is tech trends that is exactly what this products allegedly does amazon posted up on their website today it's called the best button and it's tied specifically to a certain products so let's say laundry detergent you would put the button on your watching machine and when you're right out a detergent all you do was pushed the bundy and then a day or two later all of a sudden longer detergent shows up on your front por term amazon now the button has to be connected via bluetooth to your cellphone now i am extremely aware of the fact that the tomorrow is april fool everybody thinks it's fake bennett amazon has guaranteed that this is a real product doesn't make any sense to me how many these buttons are going to have around your house to buy stuff and if you got out toddler with the pushing finger do you really want three hundred thousand diapers on your frontcourt i think not judge for yourself that's tech trends black out there the comfort.

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