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And service providers for people experiencing homelessness are struggling to test and how's this vulnerable population meantime San Francisco officials yesterday announced the first person at a city shelter to test positive for covert nineteen we look at how the pandemic is affecting services for the homeless then some states are setting up checkpoints at their borders and requiring fourteen day quarantines of out of state visitors in response to the corona virus but is that legal we ask law scholar Jessica Levinson form is next after this live from NPR news in Washington I'm Lakshmi saying for the first time in more than nine years the U. S. economy loses jobs it shed more than seven hundred thousand positions in March and the unemployment rate jumped nearly a full point to four point four percent the result of widespread economic disruptions during the corona virus pandemic here's TD Ameritrade's chief strategist JJ Kinahan missing one of those numbers that so monsters nobody really knows what to do with it we knew things were bad and so this confirms that things were bad in the last two weeks nearly ten million Americans filed for unemployment insurance Walt Disney company officials reportedly announcing furloughs for some workers in two weeks at its theme parks resorts in Florida and California the company says the first wave will begin April nineteenth and involve workers whose jobs are considered not necessary at this time however anyone who's furloughed will remain a Disney employee the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has your past a hundred thousand in New York with at least twenty three hundred deaths is winter Johnson reports governor Andrew Cuomo's warning the state could run out of critical medical supplies in the next week governor Cuomo says he'll sign an executive order allowing the state to take ventilators and personal protective equipment from places that don't need them at the moment and deliver them to the health care facilities that do Cuomo also reiterated that the state will pay manufacturers to ramp up production it can't be bad companies in this country and in this state can't transition to make those supplies quickly again I understand if there's a financial burden we will address that and we will work with you so please contact us Cuomo says there's still a critical need for ventilators as the state quickly approaches an expected eight packs of corona virus infections Windsor Johnston NPR news and French officials say the question came mask is now an international fight present peers owner Beardsley speaking on French Radio the head of the Paris region battery pack press described what she called an international treasure hunt for mass they must as a planeload of massive amounts of Harris was sold to another client at the last minute on the tarmac someone she says he was willing to pay many times the market price the heads of several other French regions claim American buyers outbid them at the last minute the French central government has ordered a billion mask from China the American embassy in Paris responded in a statement saying the United States government has not purchased any masks intended for delivery from China to France and reports to the contrary are completely false the uproar highlights the desperate quest for medical protection and equipment as the world now faces more than a million cases of the corona virus Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris this is NPR news live from KQED news I'm Brian what Santa Rosa city leaders and government workers plan to wear blue today they are honoring police detective Mary Lou armor the twenty year member of the city's police department died Tuesday of complications from covert nineteen the financial hit the university of California is taking as a result of the pandemic is coming into focus KQED's Vanessa run Kanya reports UC Berkeley leaders are laying out a grim picture you see regions have already tabled a plan to raise tuition now you see Berkeley is putting a freeze on hiring and asking faculty and staff to limit expenses questions about the future of the state's budget is one factor but already revenue at UC Berkeley is down housing and dining contracts are canceled and sports events and campus performances are off the table plus full enrollment is a question mark especially when it comes to out of state and international students at the same time costs are up the university just poured money into tech infrastructure to support online learning all this is expected to cost the school more than a hundred million dollars a figure that will rise as the shutdown continues I am in a certain kind you don't teach reading news course that shut down includes all the college sports match ups we love this time of year we got through March with no madness at least about basketball so to the bears Broncos Spartans dons gales and the cardinal and for that matter to the warriors giants eighties sharks earthquakes and roots we miss you this is KQED news support for NPR comes from Noam a personalized program based in psychology to help people understand their motivations change their habits and lead healthier lives learn more at noon N. O. O. M. dot com and battle listeners of KQED sunny skies today and breezy with high temperatures in the upper fifties to low sixties map of a hot spot today sixty seven I guess it's not that hot San Jose should reach sixty four sixty four for Livermore in Walnut Creek and Oakland today in Sacramento expect a high of sixty nine degrees and here in San Francisco it I'll be sixty later on the rain should start coming in tomorrow morning in the late morning and expect rain on and off all the way through the weekend it's nine oh six now welcome to form I mean.

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