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Sarah Miller's our service a Justin trader is the writer Walter guys is that the editor's desk I'm Susan Richard think about the people here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Jandreau data Bloomberg aggressively higher finish for the market today the Dow is ending up fifteen hundred ninety seven nasdaq up five hundred forty this is give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world sixty three degrees it is four o'clock Larry Mullins saying here's what's happening it may be and mine are getting a lot of play today from officials here in the state who say New York might be flattening the curve on the number of new coronavirus debts but the governor says it's not over stay inside too early folks will have the very latest also today a bit of controversy over how to properly bury loved ones lost to the virus Juliet Papa will be here with the mayor's response to an inference that they were going to start using city parks to very family members for protest today at local hospitals healthcare heroes concerned that their own safety is at risk in the wake of diminishing TV's personal protection equipment and a couple of examples of what can happen if you violate a quarantine rule and you may or may not be surprised at the reasons given for sneaking out of the bubble it's Monday APR afternoon news begins right now accu weather says sunny and nice this afternoon with a high of sixty six when it's time for all one and now from your ram truck traffic center expanded traffic in transit for the afternoon commute good afternoon Elliott got spent and a very good afternoon to you Larry we're gonna head for the subways where C. service is suspended you have a train's making all the local stops in Manhattan and Brooklyn also you want to consider the E. line for local service through Manhattan we had some problems with the court does square bound G. trains there now proceeding after train's brakes were activated at Greenpoint Avenue watch for some road work northbound Harlem river drive in Manhattan getting from the Kennedy bridge up towards the Willis Avenue bridge not too bad though and we cleared the delays in the Bronx eastbound cross Bronx expressway under the apartments where we had some police department activity no longer the case here's what we see on long island's big three still a great ride on the L. I eat northern and southern state parkways to Nassau and Suffolk counties in New Jersey watch for crashing a vehicle off the roadway on the turnpike out of roadway southbound just south of interchange thirteen by the Goethals bridge in Linden has the right shoulder block no big delays there west bound to Jersey turnpike New York bay extension from east of New York bay bridge and bailed to interchange fourteen you have construction knocking out the left lane and more delays on the eastbound side of the New Jersey Turnpike New York bay expansion from west of interchange fourteen B. fourteen C. construction knocks out the left lane there here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels the Brooklyn bridge a little bit slow getting into Brooklyn now on the eastbound side George Washington bridge Lincoln and Holland tunnel doing just fine a couple of little traffic signal delays over by Jersey Avenue one one thirty nine as you head for the Holland alternate side parking rules suspended through Tuesday April fourteenth traffic and transit every ten minutes on.

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