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Several inches of accumulation by the time we get to Sunday evening. Look for hiding the lower thirties on Sunday afternoon from the WGN Weather Center on the girl missed my chance. Your money on WGN here, Steve Alexander. Well, here we go. The markets continue to be lower. In fact, they've gone lower just in the last hour that house down about 400 points. Now the S and P is down 46. The NASDAQ is down about 134 points of Russell 2000 was in positive territory. That's the small cap exchange. It is down about 2.5 points right now, Volatility has perked up a little bit at the CBO either fixes up about 5.5%. The vaccine winners so far today is Novavax, whose shares on the NASDAQ her up about 70%. It reported its vaccine was more than 89% effective and protecting against the Corona virus and about 85% effective against that news terrain originally found in the UK On the other hand, the Johnson and Johnson, which is traded on the Dow is down about 4% after releasing data about trials of its one dose Corona virus vaccine. The shot was 72% effective in the US, but Not as effective in other parts of the world. Let's go ahead and check in on game stop. Just because it's the poster child for the battle of the shorts it has increased. Now. Is that all of the shorts? Keep going. Okay up 84% at $356. So that guy who texted you yesterday. What do you remember when he sold his? He sold hiss at Was it 400 or was it? I don't remember. Now. Why do you ask quad? Just curious for the people that are hanging in. There are going to wind up being okay. If they're going to get stuck holding the bag is Terry. Stop kidding, Especially if you're buying it now. I mean, you didn't buy it a 30. It's going up up up. You bought it. It's 3 50. Maybe that's the end of it. Maybe it's not, You don't know. You don't know. Yeah, and then using aspect of this craziness is that sometimes the traders don't pay real close attention to what they're buying. G M E, The symbol for Gamestop is also the symbol for a nickel mining company traded on the Australian stock market. Shares of that company gained as much as 50% yesterday and also the Robin Hood Twitter account, picked up a slew of new followers thing, is it It's not the trading APP account. It's the worldwide Robin Hood Society, based out of Nottingham, England. Second commodities. Crude oil's down 11 cents Gold is trading about $2 higher Chicago Board of Trade corn right now, 5.5 cents. Higher beans are up seven and weed is trading 2.5 cents higher. That's your money on 7 20, WGN and I'm Laurin lap to on Chicago's very own 7 20 wg and Plus, I got some to say about those dang tuna sandwiches in just a second. Also, they are casting in Chicago, America's got talent. You know someone with special talent, One of the producers answers our questions, Speed jokes, the replay and the bright side of life all coming up. Different future starts with you. That's why go, Daddy does more to help you find a name. You can create cell and get found online, so any small business could drive.

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