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Out on, the NFL network as Matt of course there's a lot of, stuff. Leading up to the NFL draft Matt I want to take you back and thank you for, holding back to this year's NFL draft and we have a lot of rookie quarterback's when we look back at your valuations remind me on who was your favorite rookie quarterback with. This year's. Draft darnold darnold just special he, is he, is built like the position you know like like someone. Who plays, the position should be built you know he, is in the Carson Wentz Philip rivers Ben Rothlisberger just he's that. Big of, an sturdy of a guy you know Josh Rosen a little more narrow shoulder and, you saw, that he wasn't as durable you know and, that that I think gives you pause even though, he throw it through the best ball and, probably Has the. Best command of a pro style offense going into. It it's, just hard not. To take that into consideration that that he, was fragile, and he got knocked, around at UCLA. Cost him games to concussions and a shoulder I think Donald is gonna I. Think he's gonna be great I just to and I think we. Heard it, you know I don't think it was really kind of for, public. Consumption but you heard kinda murmurs from the people around that team you know from the rookie, camp to the end of OT as there were like holy cow this guy got some coaching and was kind of taught you know maybe more of a pro offense and doing. A lot. Of ads while he was at, USC he's, got a bright football mind he's got all the tools. The arm, the intangibles again the big body and the, athleticism I mean someone who was you know a champion basketball when. He was, at San Clemente as well as football and you're talking about a real special athletic, kid that, also is a heck of a football player, so I'm still gonna to run with with darnold you know Ride or die that's even even though. He's what the jets and probably has the lease. Options around That, being said in. Your mind why. Did the Browns pass. Up on and then, I don't know I that's my answer I don't know I'll never understand that I mean and. Look I get it with Baker and and I work with Petros Babovic is on the radio show we do a radio show. Every day and he, did to Oklahoma games and I. Remember him coming back from the first, twenty it's. Like my God these people shut up about Baker just the players love on the coaches. Love them how specially is. He's a leader and this was before you know the. Baker Heisman, campaign this was the. Year prior so I think there is, just some special about that you know the. Coaches love, him his players really rally. About around him but I think you've just kinda get that you know I think there's, that trepidation another Tibo. Is he is, he a special player in, college and a winner and, grinder and someone appreciates that but you know when those windows get. Tight when those players get bigger it'll Kenney, still do what he was able to do on that Oklahoma, spread where, sixty percent of the time you're guy you are throwing. The guys that are wide open you know not the other forty percent of time He's throwing dimes but that that would just, be my one, concern I mean you know I'm not? Talking about both sides of, my, mouth because I. Just feel like. The amount of people. That celebrate him and, feel great about him I don't want to bet against him and I would never bet against. Them just kind of hearing what some of the you know some of the accolades and celebration that were coming from people that. I really respect talent, evaluators but I just don't see. How you track the guy that's five, eleven when. You've got Sam darnold sitting there and and you just you see you see it on. Tape you see I know. There were some some fumbling issues but I would say. At least, ten I know it. May sound like I'm making excuses but, half those interceptions we're not on him I. Mean if, you just go back and. Watch through the tape man there were a lot of picks that were not on him, I mean just straight..

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