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I always pointed out because you write such character driven yet but but was my only boy there's no when we wanna do it for you one way to do it there is no right way right into me the key is to five the energy to right meaning that the the greatest failure will happen by not typing so what ever gets anger tears joy hilarity whatever gets you writing right and then yes sculpt sculpt and find what's valuable in what you do how long does it take you to get your first draft of this we were we didn't figure the movie out until the couple of months before start shooting it to be obvious i think that the the there were ideas are being uh the the biggest i'd kind of written the front end of the movie as i had kind of been coming up at the story the back nine of the film um there was kind of a breakthrough in january of twenty sixteen that was in new york with between scott franken i which was this idea which we thought someone not kevin foggy but someone would stop us from doing with this idea of the comic books existing in their world answers very meta and i really liked yeah i thank you at night but it was really breakthrough for us because it was a way to kinda put on screen his own ambivalence about his legend and that and at the same time to create this kind of agenda for laura that she's trying to get to the place you read about in these comics and he's going there bullshit their bullshit you know and and that that to me was a really rich place to explore not that he was saying nothing had happened and then he wasn't wolverine but that would ever we were was turned into something else and a commodity a happy meal action figure whatever was it was my own way to kind of.

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