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His yeah A cop pulled me over on the way to the show. He said any idea why. I stopped you and i said yeah so. Would it be less windy. While we talk india he was. He was the headliner on stage. At the comedy works the first time. I got on stage and i talked to him afterward and then about boy years later epelde me aside and called me out and just you know he me to riot act of nineteen sixty three he goes. You know you can wipe the floor with these guys. But you don't want to wright jokes you wanna keep drinking and snorting coke be my friend be my guest goes but if you ever put your mind to this you could be really good like he read me. The riot act and i walked to the bus station. I'm like you know what i'm gonna go back and beat them up like that. Was my answer like some guy tries to help you. And i was so fucked up then i went to the bus station and i can't believe that guy talked to me like that. I had a white t shirt on like just a regular white. T shirt were like hooded sweatshirt. You were going to go on stage like that tonight with a white t shirt really. That's why ages read me the riot act and i went back to beat them up but he wasn't there and then i see him. Maybe maybe five years later. He's writing for. Brian duncanson number brian document. And i actually just started talking to him again on twitter. I love that he just shoulders is bad. Beat from american idol and runs with it but go ahead sending my love. He's a good guy. I was around here. I was in a room called. I forget like in somewhere in. La it wasn't it wasn't a comedy club was just a regular room and matt woods came in and saw me blow the fucking room up and i remember coming off the stage and going. That talk really helped you. And i said to you how close came to getting beaten at night you fuck and then we became friends. And that's it. That's what life is all about buddy but let's check in with each other in about a month. Let's do this again. Absolutely sir pleasure work a foggia house bingo doing She's pretending not to be in the background. Okay send my love. Colorado lobola baby. Hey baby what's happening. You sexy by the puck in somewhere. I was listening to the whole thing. All right great to see you. I love you. What one of those times. Someone said me. Oh joe dias.

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