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That 'cause play. They're not one they're not doing the look to the sound that they go for. Maybe they're going the next step beyond it right so once it closer who wants closer is a good example where turning point influence is bringing in a little more melody. People aren't doing the turning point seven inch they're doing the turning point alpay to look at the band's champion not a youth crew band but started in that space there were jane bound chain right and then grew betrayed not a youth group and sonically but had that carry that energy one of that and i think there's bans out there. I think the timing pressures of the world rejection packed. There's bans out. There dare straight edge bands. All these like fast straight edge hardcore band who aren't doing youth crew but doing variants of the stuff that followed that was down to nothing youth group in fucking know but they love all that stuff they have the energy and they were like y'all. Let's take that and just hype it up more locking out stuff. Mental wasn't a youth group bad but they loved all that stuff that would be primary influences same thing righteous jams like justice their early material. So you just look around and see that it isn't as prevalent was a thing for thirty years a long time and there and you don't even floated and you just don't hear people talk about it like they do. Patrick go in homey. Here's the unifying theory. People aren't talking about youth crew because they're not talking about genres. I think that genres are because that my first thought was exactly you just okay. We'll get there my my first thought when tom like. I had the same thought. Tom did win win. The we talk about this exercise for this episode of the podcast. I thought okay. I'll start big genres. What genres people talking about. And i thought of every single genre. And i was like. Oh that's because people aren't talking about genres rate now like like even okay metal core. I don't hear people talking about metaphors. Metal corey more. What about power violence. Okay hold on one. That's gotten elbow ryan core. No i will say this. I think patrick you need to amend it because you've got your own to something but what people are talking about. Genres are being minimized. They're not as device into the extremes. I think that you're seeing extremes as being like. Oh that's more that's medical or things are in the direction of but a lot of things are in the quagmire. There's things that fall in the ten percents over here. Ten percent over there and in the quagmire there's a lot of grey but you hear less conversation of genre stuff. I still think. I still think there's honor congo. Let me give you an example of how. I think this would have been different at a different time denver. Lot of music out of denver right now right tones. Who and who's working out there. Convulses out there out to youth attack. Who did a bunch of stuff. I think still is doing some stuff from there. That's right. Here's what i see is different if this was the what. What air was that. The early twenty tens.

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