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They're this a ten days. I'm not gonna panic. But if you offer me a trade for kris bryant right now. I don't know if i would do it. Based on being a top hundred player or contracts being a top five catcher. It's almost like the malays on that roster. You know an exact davies. Who had. I know you don't exact davies and a lot of people don't because of the strike our but he had gone like twenty straight starts allowing three runs or less and he was facing pittsburgh's offense. I mean you can't get a worse offense in pittsburgh without cabrini as and he got sh- shattered for seven runs in the second inning. And i've got zack. Davies rostered everywhere. So i wasn't too happy with that. My teams aren't off very good starts. Obviously although i've nelson cruz everywhere need you have a general thought here on the cubs this going to be one of those year not yeah not not not anything extreme. I you and i discussed this during the preseason as to how good the rotation was i was skeptical on that part of the team adding in skepticism about the offense is a major concern from a team wide angle. And i guess the best defense i have in them not selling off pieces at the trade deadline. If they're struggling it's it's not going to be a division where you need to win ninety games necessarily so i don't know they might try to stick in it for a little while. Ariana is one of the most added starting pitchers and fantasy. And i don't see it is off to a good start. It's two outings. I mean but he had that spring discussion of trying to recapture his curveball. That's another case where. I should probably do a full analytic thing on that. But you know to starts is not enough to judge nate low by the way great. Eight for twenty one fourteen. Rbi and then in four games this weekend over thirteen neri rbi mean it is fascinating change. Let's get to some more news year. Injuries cody bellinger. Hits the shelf with the caf. We set on the last show. It didn't seem that serious. Well apparently it was and he hasn't played in a while and hopefully he plays tomorrow Thought and the dodgers still win every game as i mean. They're putting zach mckinstry in outfield and he homers. They can do whatever they want. Sit these guys from a broader fantasy perspective because obviously not gonna dump bellinger or a worry too much about pets from a broader dodgers perspective. Here they can just sit welcome bureau for three weeks if they feel like it. They can just sit. Mookie betts three weeks feel like they have so much depth. This is going to affect fantasy. This is absolutely i. Don't wanna say it's gonna be a problem if you've got bets or justin turner or cory seager somewhere. But they're not playing one hundred fifty games any of these guys. Are they probably not. It's just the nature of the team. That the offense they like to mix and match. Dave roberts likes to play his opportunities. He likes to rest players when he can. Cabin locks being a leadoff man for the other day. I mean we couldn't have predicted that during the preseason he's hitting it's off to a good start or anything is on base was like twenty. He and chris taylor both at great springs. That's why i'm not surprised to see the two of them on the roster. Maybe he capitalized on the opportunity. But it just means some of the lesser names get moved up in the pecking order. That's all oh and by the way. I'm sure we'll we'll be talking about a certain key part of their pitching staff in a little bit. I'm sure i mean a relief. Yeah yeah. I'm sure we'll get into that but let's get into that then. Let's do a closer carousel..

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