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Nba true free agency draft. All come down the pike here very soon. Here's a calendar november eighteenth. Which is let's see this friday the thirteenth. so fred. What are we teeth. Night yes tried is the thirteenth andy. Draft of ember eighteenth. Free agency starts november twenty at six. Pm november twenty second free agency. Signings can begin at twelve. O one pm is that is that twelve one pm. Am yeah 'cause pm on the tweet usually has to be a m. It's who's going to be waiting. Whose door waiting for a Whatever to sit down with each other it's going to be who's going to be waiting zoom room right. I've never known at. Yeah exactly. i've never known it. Pm at twelve o one in the middle of the afternoon for a free agency to start. I'm assuming just for me. That's twelve one. Am on the twenty second. Free agent. Signings can begin december twenty mean december first training camps open and december. Twenty second is opening night freeze on trades. Being lifted is still to be determined but remains like here. You go free. Agency starts at five central on friday the twentieth right six. All these are eastern. Time is six. Pm eastern time but the signing. That's the free agent starts at twelve one. Am starting november twenty second. Yeah so that should be eastern time one set time. I don't understand why you gotta have a two two day buffer period. I i don't. I don't know what that. Why do we have to have that one to me. When they say free c starts. You should be able to start signing people. let's go ahead and tell me that tamperings not going on already. Well the guys that are gonna leave going damn right. They do they already. But you think about this from november eighteenth so a month in two days we gotta get a draft. Get rookies ready. Start free agency. Sign the guys in free agency open training camp and be prepared open. The nba season december. Twenty second three days before christmas in a in thirty two days basically and you got all that done and have your offense put in and new coach is taking over their teams. Doc rivers all these. I mean envy ready to go and just ended your season. The lakers haven't even fitted their fingers for rings yet. Good luck it's it's going to be the whole the whole doing free agency in november and playing the scene a month later to me is wild. Hold the crazy thing about it is. These guys are going to sign. And they're gonna blinken. They're going to be in their new city. It's great houses quick. You have to be what we were already i saw. Pj tucker yesterday. He's working out at the facility. Already with the rockets facility. Because you have to be at this point. The literally camp is going to start in less than a month because you know. What is your 'cause. It's easy to lose conditioning and stuff. You can sit around for two weeks like oh my. Gosh i gotta start all over but it's hard to get back it's like damn and every year by that offseason grind becomes tougher and sometimes they forget just the physicality part of it physical random another court. It's the mental and emotional part of just dealing with another seventy two games plus playoffs. I quite frankly. I know team like golden state's fired up because well they've been hurting their guys been waiting right so that that team's excited they got the second pick of the draft but and i'm sure a lot of players are excited young players on a roll but if you're a veteran it's been in this league and while you'll agree to because you want to get paid and get going i just i. I don't see how this is well. I i know how it's called money but it's just. I wonder what the players privately think about this. December twenty second start after the season just ended. I mean can't be thrilled digger. The bulls are really bad teams. That didn't go to the bowl. They're happy they're happy. They're ready to play. They don't want it to be delayed any longer because they haven't played since what february march wounded. That's the last time they played. If you're a bad team you may be able to steal a few wins early against right golden state. Is you want to talk about a team to watch them. Come out and just blaze people early with everybody me especially with. i mean. we'll see what they do at the second. I still don't think they're keeping the second. Pick their tradenet away. There's been a lot of talk to that. If they did wiseman would be the pick right. Kicked eight. oh he's an athletic played can defend both ends. I mean play. The rim at both ends does develop into a really good offensive score. And you know night. Be good for them. But there's also talk that they're gonna dangle that out there to go get something else because he's a good pick and he's gonna be a really appears that he's going to be a star in this league because he can run the court to yourself watching him play he is he's pretty he's pretty damn impressive but yeah i would imagine. I think that sentiment is You know you hear that the ball. Ball's name bantered about what edwards is going to be the first pick right. The kid georgia's more than likely putting lamelo boston. Fellow ball right yesterday that there's belief now that lamelo is going to be the first pick instead of edwards and. I don't know how much i believe that. That may be just some agent trying to put it out excitement for a guy again but it's going to be interesting draft and if you're golden state if you're somebody who likes to bet i would imagine early in the season bet golden state take the over. Yeah legs all my. Gosh could be fun to watch i. We'll come back and discuss. 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